Trying to do something worthwhile on my last week and a half of summer vacation. And a little obsessed with Due South/Benton Fraser.
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Reading: Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery
Watching: Due South, Blue Bloods, and Sherlock(again).
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Working On: Nothing at the moment (although I do have a request on my sideblog), but I'm gonna start working on my memes again.
Good evening, ladies and germs ... // Currently: M*A*S*H, Due South (always Jean Harlow and John Watson), and trying to decide on things for my memes. (Also me-carly just made me 4 GIFs of Benton Fraser saying "Thank you kindly." It's so awesome!)

M*A*S*H || One Gifset per episode

∟ 4x01 - Welcome to Korea

Top five places you want to visit, and top five books? :)
— Anonymous

I actually already did the book list recently here, but top 5 places, ooh, that’ll be tough.

  1. I want to see more of my own country (Canada) the most.
  2. the UK and Ireland
  3. Iceland and Greenland
  4. Germany (and the rest of Europe)
  5. New Zealand

I wouldn’t kill him, because he looked as frightened as I was.



Happy 56th Birthday, Michael Joseph Jackson.


The Chronicles of Narnia


There will always be those who mean to do us harm. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil within ourselves. Our first instinct is to seek revenge when those we love are taken from us. But that’s not who we are. 


put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go


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Hope it’s alright (:

Thank you so much! They’re great! Thank you kindly! =D


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